Clare Thornton Book News

Clare Thornton will be launching her latest artist book 'Corridors, Stairways & Corners: Selected Traces of Performance 1967-1998' commisioned by Arnolfini on Sat. 9th November FREE 5-7pm Reading Room. 

For the launch she has invited two movement artists Laura Dannequin & Martha King to use the text as a score; a prompt to actions that will evolve throughout the Arnolfini building.

Stairways, Corridors & Corners
An alternative guide to the Arnolfini building

A bookwork produced during a six month period of research within Arnolfini's Dance Archive.
Drawing on documentary photographs, brochures and programme notes held in the Reading Room the artist has selected six performance pieces that took place at Arnolfini between 1976-1998.
Employing concrete poetry and cut-up techniques Stairways, Corridors & Corners is an invitation to you, the reader, to revive traces of performance in the building.

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Clare also has an artist page featuring a new collaborative work Italic i in 'On Not Knowing: How Artists Think' with an essay by Emma Cocker Eds. Rebecca Fortnum & Elizabrth Fisher, Black Dog Publishing 2013 (ISBN: 1908966297)

The Italic I