Topographic Translations

Topographic Translations is the fourth and final show in the current MadeScapes series and features the work of BV artists Tom Johnson and Nic Marshall.

Private View 06/10/11 6pm-9pm

Bristol Diving School
Albion Dockside
Hanover Place

Lizzie Cannon
Tom Johnson
Nic Marshall
Poppy Pitt

Our species inhabits and moves through a vast variety of surroundings. As we traverse natural and created environments considering their changing discourse, we share a desire to develop an understanding of this relationship.

Topographic Translations presents impressions of human interaction with occupied environments. The sprawling urban spaces of our cities, the romanticised impressions of traditional painting and the peoplescapes of densely populated public buildings, represent core interests for these four artists. 

Using installation, sculpture, drawing, painting and collage to evidence and document this social presence, the work projects a sense of how we understand this dynamic. From map making to embroidery, and surface duplication to object production, the exhibition utilizes the gallery as a platform for both new and historically aware observations of our surroundings.

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